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About Us

Our collective objective is to be fascinated by objects*. To collect* them, and connect* them.


A thing of great beauty that inspires and delights as its primary or secondary purpose. 


A highly selective curation process that measures style, quality, and function in order to share rare finds with the world.


The act of giving, sharing, intersecting, and gathering. Our thoughtfully combined gift sets connect companies and clients, families and friends, hosts and guests, independent artists and community, and more.

Our Values

Whether we’re discovering a product for the first time, or rediscovering a cherished vintage brand, we are committed to maintaining the cycle of finding, sharing, and connecting by following inclusive and sustainable practices. We put our values into action in the following ways:

  • Supporting makers and artists with a focus on women-, BIPOC-, and LGBTQIA+ -led or -owned businesses
  • Thoughtfully sourcing products made with environmentally-conscious materials and practices
  • Donation campaigns that give back to a dedicated cause
  • Using sustainable, recyclable gift wrapping and packaging

The business of sharing beauty is cyclical

Call it what you like—paying it forward, getting what you give, what goes around comes around—whatever the reason, our goal is to find beautiful things, put them together in a meaningful way for you to enjoy or give, and then do it all over again. Beauty is self-fulfilling and renewable. The more we share, the more we find. We hope to make this true for our customers too.

Founded and led by women, CETTE is a go-to resource for next-level gift giving, bringing together the best of form and function. With pre-curated gift sets and personalized custom gifting, CETTE's mission is to spark connection and turn daily life into an act of art, full of beauty and delight.

With the launch of CETTE, founder and CEO Chloë Seymore combines her background in the visual arts with her experience as co-owner of a boutique real estate and design firm known for its staging, marketing, and unique closing gifts. Alongside her in this new venture are Carolyn Fauteux, Joy Drury Cox, and Hannah Anhalt, each of whom contributes her own invaluable brand of creative expertise to the CETTE team.

women-led  thoughtful sourcing  donation campaigns  artists and makers  sustainability  inclusive purchasing  women-led  thoughtful sourcing  donation campaigns  artists and makers  women-led  thoughtful sourcing  donation campaigns artists and makerssustainability inclusive purchasing
women-led  thoughtful sourcing  donation campaigns artists and makers sustainability inclusive purchasing women-led  thoughtful sourcing ▪ donation campaigns artists and makers women-led ▪ thoughtful sourcing  donation campaigns artists and makerssustainability inclusive purchasing

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